2018 Summer Exposure
Braemar House and Gallery, Springwood
Eden Unearthed
Eden Gardens, Macquarie Park
2017 Summer Exposure
Braemar House and Gallery, Springwood
2016 Summer Exposure
Braemar House and Gallery, Springwood
Artisans in the Gardens
Lion Gate Lodge, The Royal Botanic Garden
Art & Architecture
Pinter House, Blackheath
2015 North-West
North Contemporary Art Space, North Sydney
Lightning Snakes & Painting Town
West Gallery, Hazelbrook


2017 Do Not Touch
Braemar House and Gallery, Springwood


2018 Meroogal Women's Art Prize (Finalist)
Meroogal, Nowra

About the artist

Luba Bosch is an artist living in the Blue Mountains, Australia. Her practice is process driven—collecting, scouring, scoring, cutting and slicing bottles. Only then does the making begin. The raw materials present a challenge, as the bottles themselves have come from recycled source material, and as such contain imperfections and inconsistencies—rarely choosing to behave themselves. It is this recalcitrance that perhaps sums up the contradictions inherent in her work.

A mixture of fragile and tough materials are used to create these tactile yet sometimes dangerously spiky forms. Colourful hand blown glass flowers often crown the works, whose forms imitate both the randomness as well as structured order of nature.

You can follow Luba’s works in progress and upcoming exhibitions on Facebook and Instagram. Please email any inquiries to